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At Oxford School, we believe that attendance is a crucial part of student success. This belief is supported by the Education Act which states that “It is the duty of students to attend school regularly and punctually.” (24(1)) and “It is the duty of parents to cause their children to attend school as required by the regulations.” (25(1))

Absence from School

If a student is going to be absent from school for the day, we ask the parent/guardian to inform the school through the safe arrival line (902-421-2509), preferably before the start of classes. This line is an answering machine only and messages may be left at anytime.

If the absence will be a prolonged one, contact the Guidance Counsellor so that arrangements can be made to have work sent home.

Leaving School Early

When a student must leave school during the day for a doctor’s appointment, special circumstances, etc (other than illness), the student must bring a note from home specifying the reason for the early departure and the time that he/she should leave the building.  The student must check in at the office to sign out before leaving the school.