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Oxford School Wish List

With the recommendation and support of the School Advisory Council (SAC), teachers at Oxford School have compiled a “wish list” of materials needed to enhance our children’s education. As many of you know, it is becoming more and more difficult for schools to financially supply all the materials needed to deliver a current and innovative curriculum.

Please consider making a donation to our school from the lists below, either in the form of the item itself or by way of a donation to our wish list fund. We will issue you a tax receipt for your donation, and your name will be displayed on our Oxford “Giving Tree” on the first floor of the school.

All donations are appreciated whether you are able to donate a book, a classroom globe or a complete science room.  Everyone will be equally acknowledged on our “Giving Tree”.  This is a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education and show thanks to your child’s teachers!

Sincere thanks from the Oxford School Advisory Council

For more information or to make a donation please contact Don Reardon at 421-6763           (dreardon@hrsb.ns.ca)

General School Items

Item Cost Donated
Stereo with remote control $100 Yes
Large manual 3 hole punch $50
Softballs and bats $350  Yes
LCD Projector (2) $500 each  Yes

Junior High School

Item Cost Donated
Foam floor mats $40 each
Craft supplies (clay, paint, coloured pencils, etc.) $100
Up-to-date Globe for Social Studies $30
Subscription to “Canadian Geographic” Magazine $30 year
Recent Canadian Literature (poetry, short stories, or historical fiction novels) for young readers $300
Up to date non fiction books on science – cells, body systems, matter, mixtures, solutions (grade 3-4 level) $150
Science based games/puzzles, videos $100
Science Seek and Find:  Plants and Animals (Scholastic) $10
Diversity of Living Things (Scholastic) $16.99
Learning About Cells (Scholastic) $10.99
The Body Book (Scholastic) $20.99
Human Body (Scholastic) $22.99
The Nature of Matter (Scholastic) $17.99
Cross Section Animal Cell Model (Scholastic) $24.99
Cross Section Plant Cell Model (Scholastic) $24.99

Elementary School

Item Cost Donated
Differentiated Lessons and Assessments Science (gr 4-6) (Scholastic) $80
Human Skeleton (www.education.spectrum-nasco.ca) SB27618M $640.85  Yes
Human Skeleton (www.education.spectrum-nasco.ca) SB45078M $10.70  Yes
Human Biology CD-Rom (www.education.spectrum-nasco.ca) SB39027M $77.95
Body Systems Challenge Game CD-Rom (www.education.spectrum-nasco.ca) $32.10
Set of phonics based books for  resource $100
Sight Word Magnets $110
Word Family Flip Books $75
Fraction Flip Books $25
Class set of Calculators for grades 5 & 6 $200
Magnetic base ten blocks $40
Current Atlas for upper elementary $100
Camera and printer for lower elementary $300
Plasma Car (Scholar’s Choice) $120
2 Place Value Flip Charts $29
iTunes Card (Educational iPad Apps) $50  Yes
Fluency Comprehension Scripts $52.95
20 Computer Ear Phones (Future Shop) $300
CD Listening Station (Scholastic #2293223) $167
Printer (Staples)–Grade 5 $50
Scale (Kg Units) (Wal-Mart)–Grade 5 $50
25 Yoga Mats & Blocks (Gopher 1-800-533-0446) $959.00

Elementary Science Resource Room

Item Cost Donated
Rock, Fossil & Mineral Collection $160
Solar System Model $60
Electricity Lab $75
Large magnification table/observation table $66
3 sets of color transparent paddles $30
Simple machine sets $40
Anatomy Models $60
5 stethoscopes $62.50
Ear model $20
20 thermometers $40
Wild weather Science Readers $80
12 safety goggles $40
Ph paper $5
6 Prisms $42
Human Body Charts $20
True to Life Human x-rays $35
Science mini charts $70
Inflatable Insects $45