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Oxford PTA

Oxford School Jan 9, 2014 PTA Meeting Minutes

Oxford School Dec 5, 2013 PTA Meeting Minutes

Oxford School Nov 7, 2013 PTA Meeting Minutes

Oxford School Oct 3, 2013 PTA Meeting Minutes

Oxford School SEPT 12, 2013 PTA Meeting Minutes

The PTA exists primarily to assist the school in its fundraising efforts and plays a key role in how such funds are utilized to improve the everyday school life of our children.  We also strive on continuously building community spirit through our fundraising efforts.  We meet at least once a month and everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.  We are very fortunate at our School to have an active PTA because not all schools have them.  It is important that we continue to stay active in order to assist with building Community and School Spirit as well as fundraise for the many things that are normally not covered by the HRSB. 

We are giving the children the best opportunities as well as memories that will last a lifetime.  We hope that people will come forward this year and join our team.  We have a wonderful time; it is a great atmosphere, a place to meet new people and the best part of all you are helping with the planning of things that will directly impact your children in some way.  We understand and know firsthand the many demands of parent’s time but please remember that even a little bit of your time is always greatly appreciated.  Remember that the more volunteers who come forward the less work for everyone involved.

PTA Board 2014-2015

President:  Vicky Craig

Vice-President: Allison DeBow

Treasurer: Jill Lawless

Secretary: Allison Wood





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