Welcome Back

Hello Oxford School Community!
Welcome to our 2017-18 school year. To those of you who are new to Oxford, expect to experience the safest, most supportive learning environment our Board has to offer. Despite the many challenges faced by our young in today’s world, when present at Oxford the overwhelming truth is that everyone belongs and contributes to a climate of hope and shared success.
It is undeniable that diversity enriches the learning experiences of all students. The expectation at Oxford School is that every individual in our building acknowledges the worth of every learner. This is so regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or political beliefs. At Oxford we embrace a culturally inclusive learning environment that encourages the level of trust necessary, regardless of differences, to enjoy each day in a place you want to be. How fortunate we all are, as members of the Oxford School family, to be able to contribute to such a community. It is true, that each one of us has gifts to offer, and also true is that we bring our own assumptions about each other. What makes ours a safe and supportive learning environment is the willingness to acknowledge our own ignorance. We know we must continuously challenge ourselves to adapt ways of learning and teaching practices to be more responsive to the unique needs of our children.
As we move together into this new school year, our mantra is that all we do we do with respect, patience, understanding, and a desire to be unified through peace and compassion. See you soon!


Don Reardon